The Norwegian Heart and Lung Patient Organisation (LHL), established in 1943, is a major patient organization in Norway. A new hospital owned and run by LHL was opened in January 2018 close to Oslo International Airport, Gardermoen. An architectural concept includes the establishment of a ”health campus” adjacent to the hospital. The facility provides comfort to patients by creating an open, minimalist space with ensuring the appropriate quality of light, which has a positive effect on the patients’ well-being. An important aspect of the hospital lighting design is complianced the clean room standard and provides energy-saving solutions. In this project were used luminaires with a simple design that nicely illuminates the room and harmoniously blends with the interior. Hospital includes not only wards, outpatient clinics and surgical departments, but also various business and service functions, provides a basis for a range of local services, including meeting places, restaurants and cafes and active outdoor spaces, to the benefit of the hospital and the surrounding community. The area offers considerable potential as a link between adjoining recreational spaces and could become a leisure destination that lies within acceptable walking and cycling distance of the residential areas.